Anatomy & Physiology 101 for Attorneys

Brain injuries can be complex. They can be caused by falls, motor vehicle accidents, any situation that cause sudden stops, and medical conditions or treatments.  When treating brain  injury  it is important to accurately diagnose and have a treatment plan.  It is important to know how the patient presented at the time of the accident – were they conscious or unconscious?  What is the patient’s medical history.

Brain injury can be mild, moderate or severe.  Treatment for brain injury patients may be complex and have several healthcare disciplines involved,  The patient’s treating physicians can include: a Physical Rehabilitation Medicine Doctor, a Neurologist and a Psychiatrist.  Additionally  Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy  and Occupational Therapy are often needed.  A Nurse Case Manager to be assigned to the case to manage the complex needs of the patient.  All of these healthcare professionals work together to help assure the best possible outcomes.

Want to learn more? Myself and several other healthcare professionals will be speaking  at the  Anatomy and Physiology 101 for Attorneys November 29, 2012 in Las Vegas. The link above will take you to the details of the conference.

About Donna M. Post, RN CLNC/Mid-Valley Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc.

Donna M. Post, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM, CLNC, LNCP-C is a Registered Nurse with 25 years of experience ranging from critical care to healthcare management. She currently is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and Certified Life Care Planner and the founder of Mid-Valley Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc.
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