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Straight Talk with Your Healthcare Provider

This weekend,  I met with one of my clients.  He had a successful bypass surgery three years ago.  Now, a few years post-surgery, he has gotten his activity level up to walking on a treadmill three miles per day. He … Continue reading

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Last week at a client home visit, I happened to be there at the right time to do some health education.  My client is a diabetic and I was there when she was testing her blood sugar.  She had great technique … Continue reading

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Thinking About an In-Home Caregiver? Read Our Quick-Start Guide

Recently I had a nurse colleague reach out to me to find a Patient Advocate in the Chicago area.  As part of the conversation, she mentioned that she was considering getting an in-home caregiver(s) for her mother.  I thought about this and decided … Continue reading

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RN HEALTHCARE ADVOCATE CASE REVIEW: Prescriptions, Your Pharmacist and Best Ways to Avoid Mistakes

If you’ve ever gotten the wrong prescription, you know that it can be costly and a nuisance at the very least. But did you know that medication errors can cause harm and even be fatal? Medication errors that cause harm … Continue reading

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Nurses & Providers: Get to Know the HITECH Act

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act is an important part of President Obama’s stimulus package—known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This act represents the first significant commitment of federal resources to … Continue reading

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Happy 2013! 10 Feel-Good Strategies for a Healthier You – Plus A Bonus Strategy

I do not know about you but around here December and the Holidays have gone by at warp speed.  Here are some ideas to decompress and start the New Year off with a little less stress: Since the beginning of … Continue reading

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Understanding Healthcare Reform: Electronic Health Record Access & the HITECH Act. How Does this Affect You in the Near Future?

The Healthcare Affordability Act will continue to move forward. If you have not paid attention to it in the past you may be starting to now. Periodically  we will take some time to explain key aspects of this law and … Continue reading

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