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Understanding Healthcare Reform: Electronic Health Record Access & the HITECH Act. How Does this Affect You in the Near Future?

The Healthcare Affordability Act will continue to move forward. If you have not paid attention to it in the past you may be starting to now. Periodically  we will take some time to explain key aspects of this law and … Continue reading

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Anatomy & Physiology 101 for Attorneys Brain injuries can be complex. They can be caused by falls, motor vehicle accidents, any situation that cause sudden stops, and medical conditions or treatments.  When treating brain  injury  it is important to accurately … Continue reading

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Millions Manage their Aging Parent’s Care Cross Country- are You Among the Ranks?

If you are a long-distance caregiver who is managing your aging parents’ healthcare from afar, you may be experiencing the same stress and anxiety as millions of other Americans. According to an article by the Associated Press, approximately 7 million … Continue reading

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Medical Bills – Ignoring Them Will Not Make Them Go Away

Medical Bills are overwhelming  for most people makes them want to put them in a pile on the desk and deal with them later. However, later never comes and they become more and more complex. One hospitalization can lead to … Continue reading

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Broken Compact Flourescent Light Bulb – How to Clean Up

Compact fluorescent light bulbs ( CFL’s) and other fluorescent light bulbs all contain mercury.  CFL’s contain about 3 – 4 milligrams of mercury in a glass tube. As CFL’s use has increased it is important to know how to clean … Continue reading

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Metabolic Syndrome and the Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Stroke

Metabolic syndrome is a name given to common risk factors that when at least three are present lead to increase risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. General risk factors that can lead to any of these diseases are: genetics, … Continue reading

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FDA Warns Topamax may cause birth defects.

Topamax is a drug physicians prescribe for people with epileptic seizures and migraine headaches. Today the Food and Drug Administration posted a warning. Infants exposed to Topamax in the first trimester had a risk of developing cleft palate and/or cleft … Continue reading

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