What Really Happened to Mom? Private Healthcare Advocates Provide Answers.

nursing consultationToday I was able to do one of my favorite things as a  private healthcare advocate.  That is, providing knowledge and clarity regarding medical conditions and nursing care.  I was contacted by a client who needed to understand his mother’s illness as well as what was done for her while in a long-term care facility.  There were things that were troubling him about his mother’s passing.  I will refer to my client as Jack and his mother as Jane for the purpose of this story.

I sat down with Jack and reviewed his mother Jane’s medical record from the facility. Through this process, I was able to more thoroughly answer questions related to his mother’s illness.  Jack lived out of town while Jane was living in the care facility and he was confused about her exact medical condition and the treatments she received.  Throughout our meeting, it  was evident that there was an underlying concern that maybe the care she received was not up to standard.

Jane had died of sudden cardiopulmonary arrest while eating.  She had a long history of heart disease.  Our research revealed that the nursing care at her facility was excellent. Knowing this resolved any of Jack’s concerns that poor care contributed to his mom’s passing.

We met a couple of times (per Jack’s request) to make sure that he was comfortable with the new knowledge he had regarding Jane’s care and medical condition. He got definite peace of mind not only by understanding her illness and the poor condition of her heart, but by knowing that she did indeed receive excellent care.

As an RN Healthcare Advocate, I love providing this service.  Many of my clients don’t fully understand a medical diagnosis, surgeries/procedures or a care plan.  When a loved one is being cared for out of town, it is especially unsettling.  Knowledge and understanding can provide peace of mind and also give you the tools to make educated, empowered decisions related to your health care or a loved one.

About Donna M. Post, RN CLNC/Mid-Valley Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc.

Donna M. Post, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM, CLNC, LNCP-C is a Registered Nurse with 25 years of experience ranging from critical care to healthcare management. She currently is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and Certified Life Care Planner and the founder of Mid-Valley Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc. http://www.mvlnc.com.
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3 Responses to What Really Happened to Mom? Private Healthcare Advocates Provide Answers.

  1. cindyleasam says:

    Great blog post! I hope your business continues to grow. You have a wonderful service to offer people and your compassion really comes through!

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  2. Lisa Powell says:

    I would have never known that such a service exists. Through the rat-race of life, it is so good to know that there are still people out there with such compassion who will take the time to assist and re-assure others through such hard times. This is a fabulous article, Donna.

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